What is Social Pulse Asia?

Social Pulse Asia (SP.A) is a research organization.
It attempts to capture society’s pulse,
that sense of where we are
at any given moment.

What makes SP.A different?

Subjects drive story narratives,
own their survey answers,
earn continuously.

SP.A Team

You can trust SP.A.
Its team of professionals
humbly offers
its integrity and experience
to serve you well.
Who are they?

Who are subjects?

Anyone with a story is a subject.

Every story is valuable.

How my family survives the Covid-19 pandemic; how my business is coping; I lost my job – what I did to stay sane; I left the Philippines to work overseas – what I lost and what I gained; how I became a drug addict; how my father felt when I forgave my rapist; what food I eat to stay healthy; the clothes and shoes that make me feel confident; how my mobile phone enriches, but is not, my life.

Stories with context reach hearts better.

Subjects share background details of their lives – but stay anonymous –

so messages in their stories are meaningful and relevant.

Stories evolve as life unfolds.

Subjects allow continuing access to their storylines and emerging contexts.
Subjects share stories but they retain ownership.

As readers benefit from story messages,

Subjects are due any recurring income from their stories’ continuing access.

Who are respondents?

Stories need telling.

Subjects become respondents as they answer questions about their stories.

RESPONDENTS.COOP handles the logistics of storytelling and the legal representation of Subjects.

Key roles of the Cooperative include tapping third-party storytelling enablers,

safeguarding story ownership and facilitating continuing income payments to Subjects.

Other Respondents may choose to share stories independently (not as Cooperative members).

Three features of Respondents are critical
to ensure stories are
authentic, credible and relevant,
as seen below:

100% VERIFIED: One hundred percent (100%) of all respondents pass SP.A’s Respondent Verification Protocol. This involves identity confirmation, references confirmation and video checks as needed. SP.A’s Verified Respondents are bound by explicit rules and restrictions that ensure truthful responses.

FULL AND UPDATED PROFILE: Respondents accomplish and continuously update a comprehensive Respondent Core Profile Survey. Topics include Identity, Demography, Family, Skills, Finances, Health, Technology, Consumption, Media and Mobility. This exhaustive profile enables both a cross-sectional and longitudinal backdrop to Subjects’ stories.

: Respondents share truthful stories as they know that SP.A fully protects their privacy, confidentiality and anonymity. Stories are presented in full, unembelished reality. Respondents know that while their personal details are protected they remain fully accountable as each story is traceable to their respective authors.

Share your stories. Be a respondent.

If you sign up now to become a respondent of Social Pulse Asia, you can immediately start telling your stories and begin earning from them! But why should I? Stories…


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Data and Information Ownership Policy

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