Data and Information Ownership Policy

The Data and Information Ownership Policy (DIOP) describes the philosophy that underpins the ownership position taken by the Social Pulse Asia (SP.A) regarding the data and information produced by the verbalized cognitions and descriptions of various aspects of the lives of Verified Respondents (VRs) – hereinafter collectively referred to using the term Data and Information […]

Task-Based Income Policy

Task-Based Income (henceforth “TBI”) refers to income earned by respondents by virtue of their performance and fulfillment of a specific, RESPONDENTS.COOP(henceforth “Coop”)-recognized task. Other income streams: There are three other income streams in addition to TBI: Respondent-Based Income (RBI), Group-Based Income (GBI) and Cooperative-Based Income (CBI). Respondents who are non-Coop members are required to be […]