Mga Tuntunin at Kundisyon ng mga Beripikadong Tagasagot


A Verified Respondent (VR) is any person who has applied to become an SP.A respondent and who has consequently passed the Respondent Verification Protocol of Social Pulse Asia.

The following paragraphs below outline the terms and conditions governing the relationship, accountabilities, roles and responsibilities of Social Pulse Asia and the Verified Respondent (including the applicant who has filled up any of SP.A’s surveys and is currently awaiting approval of his/her status as a Verified Respondent).

This document also details the service level commitments of Social Pulse Asia when Verified Respondents access any of the SP.A menu of services. This document, focusing explicitly on Verified Respondents, complements the SP.A General Terms and Conditions document which governs the relationship of all users of SP.A services including, but not limited to, the general public, third-party providers, government entities, private corporations, socio-civic organizations and religious and cultural groups.

Social Pulse Asia acknowledges, honors and commits to comply with the following principles, procedures, service-level agreements with regards to Verified Respondents:

  1. VRs have full and absolute ownership of all data and information submitted through his/her responses in SP.A surveys. The detailed definitions and stipulations of this ownership by Verified Respondents who are members of RESPONDENTS SERVICE COOPERATIVE is detailed in their Data and Information Ownership Policy which SP.A fully adheres to. Verified Respondents who represent themselves independently to SP.A (and are not members of any cooperative or organization) still hold full and absolute ownership of all their data and information.
  2. SP.A explicitly declares its principles and commitments with regard to ensuring the safe, secure and legally-compliant use of data and information of VRs. This is explicitly detailed in the Privacy, Confidentiality and Anonymity Policy (PCAP) which is one of two documents which VRs must explicitly agree to before participating in a survey. The PCAP commits to be compliant with all relevant data privacy laws in all countries it is operating in. In the Philippines the relevant law is RA 10173 otherwise known as Data Privacy Act of 2012.
  3. SP.A declares the detailed, specific and time-bounded uses of data and information of VRs drawn from its surveys. The details of this “detailed, specific and time-bounded uses of data and information” are contained in four separate documents, namely: Respondent-Based Income, Group-Based Income, Task-Based Income, Coop-Based Income. These four documents exhaustively explain SP.A’s compensation plan, specifying the income streams which VRs can earn from in exchange for their authorizing Social Pulse Asia to use their data and information.
  4. SP.A will regularly submit every monthly report entitled “Social Pulse – [country of coverage].” One key use of this report will be to update Verified Respondents on the completed use and applications of their data and information. The publication of this monthly report then serves as the trigger for the VR to be able to collect payments that are due him/her for the use of their data and information.
  5. SP.A institutes a single point of contact where VRs can relay all concerns, requests and issues they may have. This single point of contact is the email address. This email address can receive messages 24×7. An automated response is triggered upon successful arrival of the email in SP.A’s email servers. A first human response is guaranteed by SP.A within 3 business days after the date of receipt indicated in the automated response. The maximum duration when issues and concerns emailed can be resolved will depend on the nature of those issues and concerns. Rest assured, SP.A commits to resolve all issues and concerns in the fastest possible time.

Verified Respondents acknowledge, honor and commit to comply with the following principles, procedures, performance-level commitments with regards their role as a Verified Respondent:

  1. VRs explicitly authorize SP.A to make, disseminate, publish and sell aggregate and summary reports of data and information submitted through surveys provided that no personal identifying information of theirs is made available in those reports (privacy and confidentiality) and that responses given are not traceable to specific individuals (anonymity). In cases where those buying SP.A-produced reports request for specific, personal data (such as names, addresses), SP.A is required to get the express, written approval and consent by the relevant respondents covered by such a request.
  2. VRs (and encompassing their prior status as applicants during which they have not yet passed the Respondent Verification Protocol) fully agree and commit to answer all survey questions truthfully, providing data and information as requested by the survey.
  3. VRs agree to be subjected to the Respondent Verification Protocol in order to become a VR.
  4. VRs and/or VR-applicants give their authorization to SP.A to release their names and contact information and group membership information to RESPONDENT.COOP and to the admins of the groups they have declared to have joined. This is for the purpose of verification to be done by both the RESPONDENT.COOP and the group admins.
  5. VRs agree to give all survey questions the necessary thought and reflection required to provide answers that accurately reflect the status/situation/variable being measured. VRs agree not to answer survey questions in any of the following ways described below: Rule-Breakers: not reading or not following (or both) or disregarding instructions of questions. Speeders: answering questions in haste without giving the needed thought and reflection required. Straightliners: answering questions in an intentionally careless manner by choosing response options in a random manner. Cheaters: attempting to answer surveys multiple times by using fraudulently-acquired accounts. Posers: answering questions untruthfully. SP.A institutes the necessary, critical check and balance procedures in order to catch these five kinds of untruthful and/or fraudulent survey responses.
  6. VRs agree that SP.A has the final decision on cases of untruthful or fraudulent survey responses and that VRs cannot contest any sanctions imposed by SP.A on the VR.
  7. The process to be followed in cases of untruthful or fraudulent (or both) actions by the VR shall be as follows: 5.1 SP.A shall inform the VR who has acted untruthfully or fraudulently of the situation, providing the necessary evidence. 5.2 SP.A shall allow the VR seven (7) calendar days (from the date of dispatch of the letter) to make a response. 5.3 SP.A shall convene an internal quality assurance/compliance meeting on the 8th day after dispatching the letter to the VR in order to discuss any response sent by the VR and the evidence of the case. 5.4 SP.A shall inform the VR (and the cooperative which the VR is a member of, if any) of its decision.
  8. The penalty of untruthful and/or fraudulent behavior of VR shall be the cancellation of VR status. All outstanding payment due the VR shall be forfeited.
  9. VRs have the flexibility to complete surveys they have opted into at their convenient time and pace. This is because surveys are primarily delivered via the internet and are thus available 24×7.
  10. Since VRs earn according to the number of surveys they complete, they have a direct interest in completing as many surveys as possible as long as each survey is completed truthfully and properly.