What makes Social Pulse Asia different?


Social Pulse Asia (SP.A) is different because its survey respondents are fully empowered. SP.A acknowledges the full and continuing ownership by respondents of the data and information they submit by answering survey questions. As such, respondents have both one-time and continuing earnings based on the amount of data and information submitted and use-, audience- and time-specific contracts. This empowered stake unleashed by the rightful acknowledgement of their full ownership of their own data and information inevitably translates to motivated, respondent-triggered survey fulfillment and, more critically, truthful answers.

The battle cry of SP.A – “BE HEARD. EARN” – embodies this “empowered respondent” core difference.

The sentence “Be heard” signifies that respondents are now motivated to share their mental cognition and life situation. This motivation is enabled by their newly-crystallized stake (and thus their direct benefit) in sharing exhaustive, accurate and truthful data and information. In the current status quo, research questions are triggered by third-party data users (for example: advocacy groups, political interests, government planners) peddling their own story lines. In the SP.A approach, story lines and insights are underpinned by respondent-driven data and information.

The word “Earn” represents the rightful harnessing by respondents of their ownership of their data and information. Just as intellectual property rights protect the assets of their rightful owners, SP.A supports data and information property rights, giving full earnings, both one-time and recurring, to the owners of the resource.

SP.A also fully supports the RESPONDENTS SERVICE COOPERATIVE (RSC) as the chosen organizational representation of individual respondents. The democratic and empowering structure and operational rules of cooperatives are consistent with the organizational goals of SP.A Respondents, acting in a unified manner, can harness another layer of their power, that is, economies of scale. The RSC can efficiently provide much needed products and services to respondents – such as credit access, business development consultancy, financial intermediation, and the other similar services. Respondents thus tap into an extra income stream in addition to their earnings from their data and information: this is the additional income stream from dividends declared by the cooperative.

Thus, it is in mobilizing empowered respondents acting in unison through a cooperative, that SP.A hopes to tap into the vibrant social pulse, allowing society to be fully attuned to it.