Who owns my answers and stories?


In Social Pulse Asia,
respondents own their
answers and stories.

This is because
SP.A surveys
are different

We aim to change
an industry practice,
and make it
better for you. 

Here’s how.

Answer surveys. 
Get paid once.

In the prevailing system,
you answer questions and
you get paid, once. 

But your answers are
sold multiple times
to multiple users. 

So payment to you is once
but earnings on your answers
are multiple.

Your answers,
your property.
You own them.

Your answers are your property. 
You own them.    

Everyone has ideas and opinions. 
But you spend your
valuable time and effort
to convert those
ideas and opinions
into answers.

So now those answers
are your property.

Giving answers
is not selling property. 
You are renting out your property.

By giving answers,
you are not selling your property. 
Surveys that get your answers
are renting them from you.  

As rented property,
you must collect regular rental payments,
not one-time payments.

It’s the same with authors.
Authors don’t sell their brains.

They rent out their ideas and imagination
(but converted into word form)
to publishers who then
arrange the words into books.

But for each book sold,
authors are paid royalties,

In SP.A surveys,
you answer questions. 
You get paid each time

your answers are sold.

SP.A surveys rent your answers. 
You never lose ownership.   

Each time your answers are sold,
you are paid again.

Respondents are property owners
earning from assets rented out to SP.A.

We all earn – continuously.