Why must SP.A respondents be real and authenticated persons?


SPA must be real and authenticated persons. This ensures that insights informed by SP.A surveys validly reflect those of the relevant, source publics.  Thus, all responses to questions on this survey will be subjected to a validation process that may include any number, or all, of the following:  document verification, personal or video interviews and physical on-site visits. 

SP.A fully understands that this rigorous authentication process rests on the full disclosure of respondents’ personal information.  As such, SP.A fully binds itself to its responsibilities and obligations in ensuring the secure and safe handling of personal information of respondents.  It is important to reiterate here that SP.A respondents voluntarily apply to become respondents and that they explicitly and fully agree to the contents of two documents entitled “Verified Respondent Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy, Confidentiality and Anonymity Policy.”