Share your stories. Be a respondent.


If you sign up now to become a respondent of Social Pulse Asia, you can immediately start telling your stories and begin earning from them!

But why should I?

Stories need telling.

Maybe not at once to others but certainly always to ourselves. Indeed, clarity improves hindsight. But as we are all interconnected one way or another, your stories are an inescapably part of someone else’s. Hearing your story may help someone move on. Hearing your story may move someone to act differently. Hearing your story may help society heal and thrive better.

And how should I?

First, you should be in full control. Your stories must be told in your terms. You decide what stories to tell (privacy), if your identity is divulged (confidentiality) and if what you say in your story can be attributed to you (anonymity).

Second, you own your stories. Your time to tell them and to keep telling them must be compensated properly.

But control and ownership have responsibilities.

First, readers deserve authentic stories, those mirroring the storyteller’s very own insights into what transpired. There are no right or wrong story perspectives, just true ones. If a story narrates your actual experiences, then it is true.

Second, readers are drawn to stories of a credible storyteller. The more the readers know about you – your life situation, your experiences, your challenges and your triumphs – the more bases they have to evaluate your reputation as to the story you are telling.

The Storytelling Environment at Social Pulse Asia (SP.A)

SP.A crafts an environment where storytellers and readers both thrive. It has two key features:

  1. Stories are shared freely and securely.

    This is guaranteed by SP.A’s Privacy, Confidentiality and Anonymity Policy, Verified Respondent Terms and Conditions, and General Terms and Conditions.
  2. Earn income from your stories.

    Respondents have four (4) income sources.

    To access these multiple income sources, SP.A works with the RESPONDENTS.COOP. This cooperative provides representation, management, financial and promotional services for its members who are mainly respondents.

    These four income sources are:

    2.1. Respondent-based income

    Respondents earn both one-time and recurring fees from both stories submitted (and published) and surveys accomplished. Please see Respondent-Based Income (sections #4 and #7) for more details.

    2.2. Group-based income

    Respondents work better and more effectively when they are part of, or form their own, groups of their friends, family or peers. Groups are also paid a fee for helping their members and this fee is shared by all group members. Groups validate member’s identities, expand membership, create content and catalog members’ skills. Please see Group-Based Income for more details.

    2.3. Task-based income

    Respondents also get paid separately for specific tasks they perform for the content they create. They are paid as group admins, project managers, survey specialists, writers, editors, copywriters, copyeditors, artists, web specialists, marketing specialists, translators. Training is provided by SP.A if respondents wish to learn any of these skills so they can to needed tasks. Please see Task-Based Income (section #3) and Respondent-Based Income (section #6.3) for more details.

    2.4 Coop-based income

    As respondents are also members of the Coop, they earn income through income sharing schemes and/or dividends. The Coop is also paid a fee for their help to respondents and groups. Please see Coop-Based Income for more details