Complete Raffle Mechanics



1. What are the 2021 SP.A Nationwide Surveys?

The 2021 Social Pulse Asia (SP.A) Nationwide Surveys are a series of seven (7) surveys: Respondent Core Profile, Jobs/Income/Expenses, Covid-19, Business, Delivery Riders, Youth Life and OFW Families. Please click here to see a fuller explanation.

To motivate Filipinos nationwide to participate in the surveys, SP.A is raffling out a total of Php72,000 in prizes to lucky winners.

2.  Who are qualified to join the raffle?

Verified respondents who have completed all three general surveys (Respondent Core Profile; Jobs, Income and Expenses; Covid-19) are qualified to join the raffle.

3. Who are disqualified to join the raffle?

Non-Filipino citizens are disqualified from joining the raffle.   Employees of Social Pulse Asia and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promotion.

4. How can respondents join the raffle?

Upon successful completion of the three general surveys, verified respondents are automatically issued raffle tickets and this gains them automatic entry to the raffle.  The raffle tickets include the name of the respondent, his/her registered address and contact number.  The serial numbers of these automatically issued raffle tickets are automatically included in the list of raffle entrants.  A confirmation email is automatically generated by the Social Pulse Asia survey system and this is sent to the respondent who owns the raffle tickets.

5. Where are entries submitted?

There is no need for respondents to manually submit entries.   All qualified raffle entrants are automatically joined into the raffle once they successfully complete the three required general surveys.

6. When is the deadline of submission of entries?

The deadline for automatic entry into the raffle will be on May 14, 2021 at 23:59.  A final list of serial numbers of raffle tickets owned by successful entrants shall be generated by May 19.  This shall be posted on the Social Pulse Asia website and an email to all qualified entrants shall be sent out.  As required by law, a registered postal mail shall be sent out to all winners informing them of their win in the raffle.

7. When is the schedule and where is the venue of the raffle draw?

The draw shall be held on May 24, 2021 at 18:00 at the office of Social Pulse Asia at #1 Mother Theresa St., Dela Costa Homes, Barangka, Marikina, Philippines.  Due to the current pandemic people can attend and witness the drawing only via online video conference.  A DTI representative shall be present via teleconferencing video call to witness the raffle draw.

8. How is the determination of winners?

The raffle tickets issued to respondents will be entered into a random number generator application.  Using that application, a Social Pulse Asia officer shall trigger the application to generate 80 random numbers from within the range of serial numbers of qualified entrants.  Those 80 random numbers generated will represent the winners of the 80 bags of 5kg organic rice bags.

9. What is the procedure in determination of winners/ valid winning entry?

In order to validate a winning entry, a manual check shall be done by a Social Pulse Asia officer to see if the randomly generated 80 numbers are in fact included in the final list of raffle entries.

10. What are the prizes and are these transferable or convertible to cash?

The raffle prizes are in kind. They are transferrable but are not convertible to cash. 

11. How many times can a verified respondent join/win in the raffle?

A verified respondent has the chance to join the raffle seven times maximum.

Each verified respondent gets one raffle ticket for every survey completed.  For example, if a respondent completes the three, required general surveys then he/she receives three raffle tickets.  This means he has three entries to the raffle.  If that same respondent is also a businessman, and also has relatives who are overseas Filipino workers, and he/she is also a delivery rider, and he/she is also below 30 years of age, then that respondent can also respond to the Business Survey, the OFW Families Survey, the Delivery Rider Survey, and the Youth Survey.  He/she then receives another four raffle tickets for these four subject-specific surveys that apply to him/her.  In total then, this specimen respondent receives seven raffle tickets.

12.  How are the winners notified and announced?

After the raffle to be held on May 24, 2021, a list of winners will generated and posted at the Social Pulse Asia website.  Announcements will be made via Social Pulse Asia’s social media accounts.  In addition to the posting of the winners in the SP.A website, an email will be sent out to the registered email of each winner. This email will require a return receipt to be sent out by the winner in order to secure confirmation of the receipt of the notification email.

13. Where and how are prizes to be claimed?

Prizes can be claimed anytime after May 25, 2021.   Winners inform SP.A of the name and contact number of their chosen delivery rider, and his/her estimated arrival time, and SP.A releases their prize to that authorized delivery rider.  Winners who are not based in Metro Manila may nominate a recipient who is based in Metro Manila but the instruction to claim their prize must come from the registered email address of the winning respondent.  Raffle winners will be responsible for delivery costs of the prizes going to their nominated destination addresses.

14. When is the redemption period?

The redemption period is until 60 days from the receipt of registered notification/mail/written notification.  The address of the redemption center is 1 Mother Theresa St., Dela Costa Homes, Barangka Marikina 1803 Philippines.

The claimant of the prizes must present his/her identification document (a government ID with a picture and signature) which must match claiming instructions to be sent by the winner to the Social Pulse Asia email (  The claiming instructions must be sent from the registered email of the winner which is securely stored in the servers of Social Pulse Asia.

15.  Can a respondent win multiple times?

Only one prize can be won by one verified respondent.  If his/her serial number is chosen during the raffle draw, that will be disqualified and a replacement number will be generated again.

16.  Raffle prizes:

List of prizes:  80 bags of 5kg premium organic rice (black, red and pink).

Allocated quantity/projected market value:  Market value/retail price of Php900.00 per bag of 5kg.

Total value of prizes:  P72,000 (80 bags x Php900/bag).