Vision, Mission, Goals


A society that is attuned and responsive to the social pulse.


1.  To make decision-makers aware of the current state[1] of knowledge, attitudes, perceptions, emotions and predispositions.

2.  To give timely, representative and relevant information on the:

2.1  nature and key metrics of social issues;

2.2  efficacies of government actions; and,

2.3  efficiencies of industry directions.

3.  To mobilize and empower a grassroots- and community-driven research community.

4.  To make updated and comprehensive data and information on the social pulse available to various users.


Within the first year of operation (2021)

  1. To help set-up, organize and manage a cooperative which will be solely focused on respondents of surveys;
  2. To craft a system of content creation by respondents that honors their ownership of such and which assures that they continuously benefit economically from it;
  3. To organize a group structure where identity validation, recruitment, organization of members is done securely in a decentralized manner; and,
  4. To set up a system where essential tasks needed for content creation are sourced primarily from content creators/owners themselves.